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A legacy of performance.

From Chevron to Texaco

  In November 2016, Chevron USA sold their Hawaii assets, including the Chevron service stations in Hawaii, to a locally run and managed company, Island Energy Services.

Beginning in 2017, our stations will begin transitioning from Chevron with Techron to one of Chevron’s other brands, Texaco with Techron.

With this transition, our valued customers can continue to count on the same high-quality gasoline with Techron that Hawai’i drivers love. From loyalty programs to fuel credits with your Techron Advantage credit card, our valued customers will continue to receive the benefits you’ve always enjoyed – including Techron in every grade of gasoline.

What can you expect from Texaco? Exactly the same as you did from Chevron.

The same great gas – Texaco will have the exact same high-quality, top-tier gas with Techron.

The same great people – 99% of Chevron’s employees in Hawai‘i have remained with Island Energy and Texaco.

The same great service – It is our commitment to you that we not only maintain Chevron’s legacy of wonderful service, but we surpass it as Texaco.

 With over 99% of all Chevron employees staying on with Texaco, we couldn’t be more proud and excited to continue serving you for years to come.

Texaco’s Legacy of Performance

Texaco’s Legacy of Performance Since 1902, Texaco has been committed to performance. Back then, we were called The Texas Company, but when a salesman saw the abbreviation “Texaco” in a telegram, the name stuck. From there, the rest is history.
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